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Orchid Linen Dress at Vizcaya Gardens

If I could magically be a dress, this would be me! This half-silk/half-linen dress depicts my half-desire to be fancy/half-desire to run around barefoot all day.

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in Atlanta, Looks

Pretty in Pink // Atlantic-Pacific

One of my all-time favorite bloggers debuted her first capsule collection this past week, and from the moment she announced it, I could not wait to catch a first glimpse of her pieces!

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in Looks, Spain

Maxi Dress in Mallorca

As I sit here remembering my time spent in Mallorca (much too short, but oh so sweet!) I am filled with happiness. Mallorca has heart and culture, and it has easily become one of my favorite islands in the Med. It’s simple, it’s beautiful, but most importantly, it’s home to the friendliest people!

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